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Jacob is faced with an ultimatum from Damon as Amy's life is in danger in Corrie

But is Jacob willing to disappear for good and leave Amy behind?

In the bistro, Damon introduces Leanne to Dan, a fruit and veg supplier and tells her he can do her a far better deal.

And Jacob's suspicious when Damon tells him that Dan’s first delivery is due this afternoon and hidden in the crate of olive oil will be a package containing drugs.

As he expects his first drugs delivery, Jacob is stressed when a party of police officers arrive for a retirement do with their sniffer dog in tow.

As a crate of olive oil is delivered, Jacob manages to get the package out and leaves the Bistro. But when the sniffer dog barks at the crate, Craig heads for Jacob’s flat. Is the game up?

Back In the bistro, Leanne and Ryan check through the rest of the delivery boxes wondering what on earth set the dog barking.

In the ginnel, Damon gives Jacob a beating and tells him that if he wants to protect Amy, he needs to disappear for good.

Telling Nick how Damon is smuggling drugs through the restaurant, Jacob says he has no choice but to leave as Amy’s life is in danger.

But when he hears Amy entering the flat, Jacob desperately pretends he's on the phone dealing drugs. Horrified to think he’s up to his old tricks, what will Amy do?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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