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Jada's a bad influence on Will in EastEnders

But can she hold down a job at the salon?

Snapping at Jada, Sharon orders her to hurry for her first day at the salon and Zack comments that it must be a hard day as it’s the anniversary of Denny’s death and Sharon feels bad for snapping. Later, Sharon finds a touching gesture from Jada at home.

Whilst out on a coffee run, Jada bumps into Will who is clearly nervous in her presence and when some of her friends appear and ask her to hang out, Jada hides her disappointment as she tells them she's working.

With the till down at the salon, it’s quickly discovered that it was Jada’s error and she snaps in defence, leaving Denise concerned she’s not up to the job.

When Alyssa’s childminder calls to say she’s sick, Sharon agrees to mind her. As Jada continues to work at the salon, she’s distracted by her friends outside and a rude customer assumes she’s part of a scheme for problem kids. Later, the customer realises she is missing cash and blames Jada.

At the Minute Mart, Jada gets Will to cause a diversion while she steals alcohol before meeting up with her friends to drink. Joining them, Will takes a swig and is clearly smitten by Jada. But when Honey and Sharon appear, furious, Jada and her friends get a bit rowdy.

Back at home, Zack tries to ease the tension to no avail as Sharon tells Jada that she will need to look after Alyssa. But as Jada hangs out with her friends, she encounters Denise. What will she have to say?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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