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Jai's drug use ruins reunion with Laurel in Emmerdale

But is he being set up by Kim?

When Kim sees her staff on the picket line outside the HOP, she immediately demotes him until he resolves the situation.

With the picket line deterring customers, Kim demands Jai gets her staff back inside but she’s stunned by his reaction.

The next day, a furious Kim is forced to waitress when a wealthy friend turns up for a coffee and before long, Jai and Laurel meet with a stubborn Kim to present a case study against zero-hour contracts.

Hopeful they've made a difference, that evening Laurel arrives at Holdgate to tell Jai she wants to get properly back together after seeing the way he acted during the strike. With the two of them elated to finally be back together, Jai’s on top of the world but it's clear Kim is still bitter.

Realising his wallet is missing, Jai and Laurel return to Take A Vow to search but when they find it down the back of a chair, they’re shocked to discover a tiny bag of drugs.

When Priya and Laurel accuse him of owning the drugs, a confused Jai struggles to find an explanation. Assuming this is an admittance of guilt, Laurel explodes with rage and Jai is convinced that Kim planted them,

The next day, Jai’s determined to win Laurel round, and when she finally entertains his story he almost collapses in relief. However things take a turn when later that evening, Rishi tells a shocked Laurel about how the kids nearly caught Jai with the drugs when he came close to relapsing a few weeks ago.

As her anger comes to a boil, Laurel is shocked at what the kids could have got mixed up with and Jai fights back the tears as he realises he’s just lost everything. With Jai having managed to stay on at work, both Jai and Laurel’s bickering behind the counter causes Kim to put both their jobs on the line.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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