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James forces a murder confession from Brent to clear Romeo's name in Hollyoaks

How does he manage it? And can Romeo ever return to the village?

As more videos of Rayne continue to resurface, painting Romeo out to be the perfect suspect, James is determined to get a confession out of Brent. Recruiting Ste, James wants his help in keeping Peri's name off the suspect list.

When Leela reveals that Peri insists on Brent’s innocence, she loses it with James after finding out that he's trying to make Brent confess to the murder. And a phone call between Peri and Romeo suggests that the pair have something to hide.

Heading to the Lomax's, Ste attempts to get some information from Peri as Joel prepares for the physical for his new role in the Fire Service.

Meanwhile, Nadira continues to get things in order ahead of Dilly’s Charity Ball and she opens up about her relationship with Lacey who is struggling to grieve for her best friend. Nadira makes it clear that she is here to help her through this.

At the Nightingales, Brent’s mother appears to accuse James of having her son attacked in prison, resulting in his confession to the murder. But Ste questions James' motives to protect his son.

As Rayne's fans continue to parade the Hollyoaks Village, Nadira clashes with Lacey again after pushing her to move on following Brent’s confession. And James asks Lacey to help him put an end to Brent’s mum’s social media posts on Rayne’s account.

At the shared house, Lacey comes bearing flowers and an apology for Nadira and shares news about her new job offer, agreeing to go out and celebrate with Nadira.

When Lacey leaves, Nadira begins to push everybody away, but Phoenix has a plan to mend Nadira and Lizzie’s friendship.

Later, at the shared house, Peri and Nadira strike up an unexpected friendship as they bond over everything that has happened recently.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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