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James frames Becky in Hollyoaks after stealing Marnie's vigil money

But when Ste finds out the truth, what will he do with the information?

James has a lot to answer for after almost causing Ollie to relapse the night before, especially after Becky makes sure that Ste finds out what happened. And as James continues to spiral after finding out what Marnie left him in her will, an argument with Donna-Marie leads to him getting uninvited from his mother’s vigil.

As the village residents gather to pay their respects to Marnie, a drunken James crashes the event before being stopped by Ste, who wanting revenge decides to frame Becky for stealing the vigil donation money.

Things are looking up for Damon, but after deciding it might be time for him and Liberty to move house, Scott inadvertently gives him a risky idea.

Donna-Marie is horrified to discover that Marnie’s vigil money has been stolen and it's not long before Ste finds empty donation envelopes in James’ flat.

Interrupting Damon's gambling night at The Loft with James and Ethan, Ste tries desperately to convince James to stop, but to no avail. With the stakes high, the players risk it all to win big. Whilst two of the gamblers come out on top, another finds himself in serious trouble.

With Liberty furious after finding out about Damon’s gambling night, will he be bringing home the bacon?

After managing to get the donation money back from James, Ste returns it to Donna-Marie and to avoid her calling the police, he’s forced to admit the truth behind the missing money. But as she tries to convince him to stick by James in his time of need, will he follow her advice?

Meanwhile, worried that she might get arrested for the stolen vigil money, Becky is all packed up and ready to leave the village. But Ollie doesn’t know if he can leave his dad behind.

Catching Ste before he heads to Marnie’s funeral, Ethan purposefully holds him at ransom so he misses the funeral. Hoping to get back into James' good books, Ste surprises him by organising a second wake and Liberty comes to an agreement with Ethan, in the hopes that Damon will stop gambling.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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