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James goes to extreme lengths to help Juliet in Hollyoaks

But will it all be worth it?

James tells Juliet a private clinic in Germany is willing to provide her with the stem cell transplant she needs. However, she only has the evening to decide whether to agree to it or not.

Meanwhile, there's a bump in the road for James when Eric reveals that in order to get the cash the desperate solicitor needs to pay for his sister’s treatment, he must break into his caravan that is being held by the police and retrieve a necklace. And things go from bad to worse for James when he is caught by detective sergeant Zoe.

When Juliet doubts whether she wants to leave her family to take the treatment abroad, she has a heart-warming conversation with village gangster Warren who offers her some words of advice.

Later, Juliet receives some good news but when she breaks the news to Donna-Marie that Peri will be the one going with her for her treatment, her mother is left feeling crushed. Wanting to cheer up Donna-Marie, Leela suggests they put on a family party to wave the girls off.

As she prepares for her trip to undergo her cancer treatment, Juliet feels optimistic about what lies ahead and she and Peri speak about plans for their future.

Meanwhile, James tries to cover his tracks in order to cut ties with Eric, but when Ste plans a morning of dance lessons in preparation for their wedding and refuses to take no for an answer, he enthusiastically arranges for Maxine to handle his lover’s business meeting. Feeling cornered, James confesses to Ste that his new client is inmate Eric Foster.

Hurt and angry at his fiancé's decision to take on Eric as a client, Ste leaves James with another ultimatum. He must decide between dropping Eric’s case and choosing their family or his career.

As the families come together to put on a leaving spread for Juliet and Peri, Ste and James put their relationship issues on pause. Unbeknownst to everyone else, the girls tell Leela they plan to head off early for the train without any big goodbyes.

Knowing that Donna-Marie is in pain and struggling with the thought of not being with her daughter while she embarks on her gruelling treatment, Leela tries to convince the girls to stay and say proper byes. But will this be another party that ends in disaster?

Concerned about her daughter, recovering alcoholic Donna-Marie turns to the booze and later that evening, Ste finds James distraught, overcome with fears about his little sister’s future, and fearful it’s the end of the line for their relationship.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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