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James publicly announces he's gay in Corrie

But has he left it too late to win Danny back?

After his manager tells him that Tommy Orpington is retiring, and he’d like to promote him into his place, James shares his good news with Ronnie.

Surprised to see Danny at the bar, James agrees to his offer of lunch and as they catch up, a couple of lads at the bar take photos.

When Danny reveals he’s been offered a job in France, James suggests they give it another go. But when James admits it would have to be their secret, Danny heads out. James is gutted, wishing he could live a free life and be himself.

Later, James is horrified to see pictures online of him and Danny, along with derogatory comments about his sexuality. But as he goes to warn Danny, he's already left for the airport.

As James takes the stage at his promotion press conference, he’s asked awkward questions about his private life and steals himself to tell the truth. Looking to his family, James takes strength from them and announces that he's gay.

But when the journalists bombard him with questions, how will James respond?

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV


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