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James uses his platform for good in Corrie

After finally receiving some good news.

Ed and Aggie congratulate James when he receives a letter from the police upholding his complaint and proffering an official apology.

Feeling flat about his victory, James admits to Aggie that he wonders what it actually amounts to. Aggie reminds him that every minor triumph is a positive step and she’s proud of him.

Calling at No.3 to apologise to James in person, PC Brody continues to insist that he's not racist and James explains he made a judgement based on appearance and urges him to do better.

Later, when James informs Michael that County’s PR team has apologised for their lack of support for his police complaint, Michael's pleased and urges James to use his platform for good.

Calling the Weathy County PR team, James points out the lack of black managers and suggests they should train some of their talented black players to become managers and lead the way for other clubs. And James is thrilled when his idea is well received.

Impressed by James’s plans, Aggie and Michael reckon he too should put himself forward for management coaching.

Later, an upbeat James returns home and reveals that the club has agreed to let him do his coaching badges whilst continuing as a player and Aggie and Michael are thrilled for him.

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