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Jamie and Belle in danger after Moira discovers the truth from Andrea in Emmerdale

But as Cain seeks revenge, is violence really the answer?

With her family having turned against her, Belle is devastated and Andrea lets slip to Moira that Jamie is dangerous. But when Moira presses for more, Andrea backtracks which only raises her suspicions.

After apologising, Jamie agrees to let Andrea see Millie and at the Vets Surgery he brags about winning Andrea round and how she fell for his lies.

His victory however is short-lived as Andrea overhears everything and heads off to see Moira telling her how Jamie ran her over and left her for dead.

When Moira confronts Belle, she plays dumb - but she doesn't fool Cain and Moira who both believe she's lying. And when Nate arrives at Butlers Farm, Moira tells him the news and how Cain is in pursuit of both Jamie and Belle.

Returning to Home Farm, Belle tells Jamie that Andrea has told Moira his secret. Shocked, Jamie quickly regains his cool, revealing the damaged car parts are safe at the bottom of a lake, certain there is now no evidence that could now pin him to the crime.

As they head to the lake to go and check, Jamie declares his love for Belle. But his smile soon disappears as he spots a menacing Cain approaching armed with a bat. As he confronts them both, Belle has something to say.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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