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Jamie finds Kim lying lifeless next to a body bag in Emmerdale

Has Will killed her?

After finding Diazepam in Will’s toolbox at Home Farm, Noah tells Jamie who thinks Will is the obvious suspect in Kim's poisoning.

Later, with Dawn upstairs, Jamie snoops around Woodbine, smiling when he eventually finds the toolbox with Will’s diazepam inside and takes photos. However, when Will returns home, Jamie is caught red-handed and Will is furious when Jamie plays the innocent, claiming he was only searching for a screwdriver.

When Jamie returns to show Kim the photographic evidence of Will’s diazepam, she’s shaken and heartbroken to think that he is the one who’s been poisoning her and later asks Will why he has diazepam.

Wary, Will refuses to answer the question until Kim presses the point and he tells her the diazepam is for his nerves. But she’s not buying his explanation.

The next day, Kim fills Jamie in on her plan to have Will caught on camera spiking her drink and when Will is called into Home Farm on his day off, it seems like he’s walking straight into Kim’s trap.

Later, Jamie receives a call from Home Farm. Alarmed, he rushes off, frantic with worry and rushing into Home Farm he is utterly horrified to find Will being arrested, Kim lifeless on the floor and a body bag being unzipped ready for her body.

Emmerdale continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV

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