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Jane disappoints her family by avoiding Vic's efforts to bring the family together in Neighbours

Is she overthinking her life instead of living it?


As Nicolette and Byron blast Victor for interfering in their love lives, he tries to justify his intentions. When Byron warns him against any more meddling, Nicolette asks him to explain to Amira he is a silly fool who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Unfortunately this goes down like a lead balloon with Amira who can’t understand why they are even talking about this issue, again, since she lives on the other side of the country and she and Nicolette were never going to be in a relationship anyway, leaving Nicolette feeling disappointed.

Meanwhile, Byron is worried Sadie is being distant with him, despite his explanation that he’s never talked about marriage any time soon and Victor was blowing everything out of proportion.

Admitting that the whole thing has had her a little bit rattled, Sadie tells Byron that she cares about him enough to move past the discomfort, leaving Byron feeling hugely relieved.

Getting back on track in a sweet way, the two admit the crisis has taught them they really don’t want to lose the other and they exchange tentative “I love yous” for the first time.

Buoyed by the positive mood in the house, Vic suggests a family day trip to Mount Dandenong. But when Nicolette notices Jane’s odd reaction to the idea, Vic explains that Jane always talked about showing him the tourist spot when they were married but it never eventuated.

Whilst Byron and Nicolette are available and keen, when Vic asks Jane to take a day off, she tells him she can’t as things are way too busy at school. Trying again, Vic calls Jane who once again turns him down.

Showing up at the school, Nicolette urges her mum to change her mind, but when she reminds her that Vic is dying, the situation escalates and a flustered Jane reminds Nicolette she’s engaged to another man, prompting Nicolette to accuse her mum of overthinking her life, instead of living it.

The argument ends in a stalemate and ultimately leaves Vic disappointed when Jane doesn’t show.

Meanwhile, Jane’s preoccupation with her family issues makes her inadvertently leave the connecting door between the school and the retirement community unlocked. The mistake leads to a smelly mess when a stink bomb is let off in the Eirini Rising courtyard, leaving Terese with yet another headache.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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