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Jane's ex-husband Victor rouses suspicions as he drops by unannounced in Neighbours

But will he manage to bond with his kids, Nicolette and Byron?


When Victor Stone make an impromtu visit to Erinsborough. Nicolette is thrilled to see her father, whilst Byron is much less so. Similarly, Jane is suspicious of her ex-husband’s presence as whenever he appears, drama usually ensues.

Despite Nicolette claiming that Victor is there to spend quality time with his kids, Byron and Jane are circumspect but when Victor admits he’s got cash flow issues and is hoping to stay with Byron, it appears their suspicions are sound.

Later, Byron grudgingly asks his housemates if Victor can stay, admitting to Mackenzie that he and his father have never been close. Reflecting on her own estrangement with her father, Mackenzie tells Byron that he should take Victor at his word as life is too short.

Reluctantly, Byron informs his dad that he’s welcome to stay and Victor is pleased to have quality time with his son, conceding he was an unreliable father. And when he tells him that he loves him, Byron is thrown by Victor’s sincerity.

But once alone, Victor logs into his online bank account which has over one million pounds sitting in it. Why is Victor lying about being broke?

Eager to spend quality time with both of his kids, Victor comes on strong with unsolicited life advice for both Nicolette and Byron, to which they react badly.

Stymied, Victor asks a suspicious Jane for her advice on how to reconnect with their children, but she pulls no punches as she still questions his motives and tells him the only answer is to put in the time.

Returning to the Share House he busts Sadie looking at his computer. It was an innocent mistake on her part, but she’s read something truly alarming which Victor begs her to keep secret.

But when Sadie declares that Vic’s family deserves to know, he insists that it’s his decision to make, forcing Sadie to reluctantly cover with Byron, and we’re left to wonder exactly what it is that Vic is so desperate to hide.

When Victor asks if he can invite Jane over, Byron is thrown, but concedes when Sadie points out Jane has the right to decide for herself.

Assuming Victor is going to ask for a loan, Jane resolves to cut him off at the pass, but Victor surprises her with a sincere apology for the way he hurt her.

Having had time to reflect, Victor goes on to admit he now knows marrying Jane was the truest thing he ever did, but an exasperated Jane cuts him off, demanding he admit he wants a loan. Embarrassed, Victor assures he doesn’t need money, but Jane rips him a new one.

Feeling defensive for her dad, Nicolette posits that Victor may be sincere in reassessing his life and Jane’s ready to rebuff, but pulls up when she finds a vase on her table, the same as her Nan Mangel’s that Victor had sold off years beforehand without her consent.

Jane’s shock quickly gives way to fury as she realises Victor had the vase the whole time she was berating him. Confronting him, Victor explains he always kept an eye out for the heirloom and eventually found it at an estate sale. Despite her baffled frustration, Jane finds herself thankful, leaving Nicolette and Byron grateful for their parents’ civility.

Later, Sadie urges Victor to come clean to his family as she becomes increasingly uncomfortable at being his inadvertent confidante. Although moved by her earnestness, Victor insists he needs to do things his way and innocently places a hand on her arm, just as Byron walks in.

When Byron encourages her to tell him if Victor is making her feel uncomfortable, Sadie dismisses his concerns, continuing to hold onto Victor’s secret.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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