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Janine gets jealous as Mick starts dating in EastEnders

But is Mick really ready to move on from Linda?

To stop Mick from moping around about Linda, Nancy pesters him to have in a family games night. But when Janine invites herself, Nancy rejects her and as the family play Monopoly, Ollie gets upset that Linda isn’t here.

When Mick announces that he's taking Ollie to visit Linda, Nancy and Janine disagree, whilst Rocky, Mitch and Harvey encourage him to go.

Later, Mick and Ollie return feeling disappointed after Linda was a no show and Janine tries to persuade Mick to let Linda go. As Rocky, Patrick, Harvey, Mitch and Mick drown their sorrows, Janine is secretly happy that the plan didn't work.

When Mitch suggests the men go to Ruby’s to meet some ladies, Janine is horrified and tries to deter Mick from dating again, but to no avail. After Peter prepares the men with a training session at the gym, they head to Ruby’s, except for Harvey who bottles it.

Realising Janine is trying to get out of work to go to Ruby’s herself, Nancy stops her.

Meanwhile, at Ruby's, the others all notice something odd about Mick's date, Angela.

And when Mick returns him, Shirley is furious with him for forgetting Ollie’s school project. As Nancy tries to console him, he lashes out at her too.

As Mick nurses a hangover, Shirley makes it clear he’s not forgiven. After Rocky tries to encourage Mick to start boxing, he declines. But spotting Rocky's boxing gloves, Janine has a plan to get Ollie his school project fundraiser sorted.

Later, realising that Janine masterminded a charity boxing match, Mick is pleasantly surprised as Nancy watches on.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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