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Janine is called out over her lies in EastEnders

As her paranoia over Mick and Linda's closeness continues.

With Linda worried about the consequences of missing her probation appointment, Sharon begs Mick to step in and explain to Murray where she was.

When Janine learns that Mick has once again been with Linda, she's upset and drops some upsetting news on him.

But when he tells Sonia, she realises that Janine is lying and after confronting her, goes to tell Mick. Janine manages to stop her, but overhearing, Shirley is suspicious.

Later, Janine assures Sonia that she'll eventually tell Mick. But when Mick overhears, Janine panics when he asks her what she's keeping from him. And Linda and Mick share a touching moment after she thanks him for his support with Murray.

When Sharon reveals the date who stood Linda up, Karl, was actually a miscommunication and he’d like to see her, Mick rallies her on but interrupts. But why?

Seeing straight through her, Shirley calls Janine out for her lies and her mood darkens even more. Meanwhile, a worried Sonia makes a mystery call.

Preparing for her date with Karl, Linda confides in Mick about a concern and as Janine’s paranoia about Mick and Linda festers, Sonia catches her spying on them and assures her it’s all in her mind.

At Walford East, the date gets off to a great start but things take a turn when Mick and Janine turn up and Janine is suspicious that Mick knew Linda was there. When Karl questions who Mick is, what will Linda say?

As Janine fumes to her about Mick and Linda, Sonia continues to promise her that Mick loves her and that Linda is out of the picture.

As everyone prepares for the Christmas lights party at The Vic, Janine remains determined to cement herself into Mick’s life but receives a devastating blow.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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