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Janine returns to EastEnders as Kat fights to look after Scarlett

But when Scarlett goes missing, who's responsible?

Calling Kat, Martin explains how Tommy is upset about the court case with Scarlett and Kat realises she needs to be honest. Later, she tells Tommy that Alfie isn't his real dad - his Uncle Michael is - making him and Scarlett siblings.

Although shocked, this only makes Tommy more determined that they need to look after Scarlett and Kat arrives at the courthouse to inform the social worker that she wants to become Scarlett's carer. It's for the best that Scarlett never sees her real Mum again.

As Kat starts to tell Scarlett the truth about Tommy, Janine bursts in and as the hearing starts, Janine lays it on thick, giving a testimony about how she’s redeemed herself over the years.

Later, Janine rocks up to The Vic, bold as brass and wastes no time in telling the locals what she thinks of them all, making Kat more determined than ever to get Scarlett away from her reckless mother.

With Phil not keen on Kat getting involved with Scarlett, things are frosty between them and Billy annoys Kat as he tries to stick up for Janine.

Later, trying to appeal to Kat, Janine pleads for a second chance with Scarlett and when Kat tells Phil about Janine’s lies, the social worker calls to report that Scarlett’s gone missing!

With Kat certain that Janine has taken her, Billy desperately tries to reach her and when Lola realises Tommy is upset, Kat promises that they’ll find his sister.

When Billy gets a text from Janine, they meet and she says goodbye. Having given up hope on Scarlett, Janine wants to get out of Walford and Billy is thrown, telling her that Scarlett is missing.

It’s clear that Janine had no idea.

As Janine and Kat try to work out where Scarlett might be, Janine has an idea and sends Kat off to the other side of London as she heads to Phil’s.

Upstairs, we discover that Tommy has been hiding Scarlett and as they hear the commotion from Phil and Shirley, Tommy wants to call for help but Janine has other ideas.

As she scuffles with the kids, they don’t notice Scarlett’s jumper landing on the lit hob from Phil’s cooking earlier and the flames start to rise.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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