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Janine's quest for a perfect Christmas causes tension for the Carters in EastEnders

Just how close will Mick and Janine get?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

At The Vic, Mick and Janine discuss their upcoming event, Best Spouse In The ‘Ouse and as a flirtatious Janine helps Mick with the festivities, a wary Nancy and Shirley watch on. As Best Spouse In The ‘Ouse gets underway, Janine messes with the questions for Stacey and they go head to head.

Even more worrying is the fact he doesn’t have presents for the kids at his Christmas event and Janine asks Billy for help, telling Mick she’s sorted it.

Later at The Vic, Janine provocatively dressed up as Santa’s Little Helper, fails to get Mick’s attention, much to Nancy’s amusement. When Billy arrives with the presents for the kids, as they begin to open them, Mick and Janine quickly realise they’re terrible.

When Scarlett and Kat give her a gift, Janine is hurt when they tell her Scarlett will be spending Christmas with the Slaters.

Overhearing Mick on the phone, Janine discovers that he won't be spending Christmas with Linda and opens up to him about her sadness at not seeing Scarlett. Mick encourages her to do something about it.

Dressed up as Mrs Claus, Janine enlists Ollie’s help, hellbent on making it a perfect day for Scarlett.

As she tries to get Mick to herself, Janine schemes and convinces Zack that Nancy still likes him and he should ask her out.

Later, Janine notices Mick’s struggling, puts two and two together and realises why. Whilst Nancy is furious with Janine for meddling with Zack, Mick makes a huge announcement, he’s bringing his family back together.

With Mick desperate to talk to Linda, Stuart inspires Mick to create the perfect party for his family and Mick is forced to open up to Nancy.

When Billy mentions Linda’s alcoholism, Janine’s mind whirs and her scheming knows no bounds.

With Mick over the moon that his plan is coming together, Nancy takes pleasure in telling Janine to start packing and learns to lean on Zack for support, enlisting his help.

Later at The Vic, as the party gets started, Zack and Nancy take a trip to try to solve things before 2022 begins. But will their efforts go to waste?

In the fall out from New Year’s Eve, tensions fly high with the Carters as Nancy gives her dad an ultimatum.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays plus Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day on BBC One

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