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JANINE VS LINDA as Janine is determined to send Linda down in EastEnders

But when Linda wins her case and avoids prison, has Janine already lost?

On the day of her court hearing, Linda is comforted by Zack when she reveals that her divorce from Mick is official. And Felix and Finlay are disappointed when Linda tells them that she probably won't make their Carnival themed party.

After realising that Mick will still visit Linda if she goes to prison, Janine gives a reluctant Jada money, blackmailing her into helping her bring down Linda.

Linda says an emotional goodbye to Ollie and Annie and with Mick by her side, goes to the hearing. After Linda delivers a passionate speech about her mistakes, both her and Mick are shocked when the judge doesn’t give her a prison sentence.

Janine sees red when Linda walks back into The Vic, and with the Carnival party underway, Linda joins in the festivities until Zack arrives with some alarming news.

Feeling guilty, Jada tells Janine that they went to far, but Janine brushes it off and continues to blackmail her.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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