Janine worried by Linda's SHOCK DISCOVERY in EastEnders

Is the truth about what really happened on the night of the accident about to be revealed?

Sharing the date for her upcoming court hearing with a supportive Mick, Linda expresses her concerns over the outcome.

Following an argument with Stuart, Linda later enters The Vic distraught and Mick comes to her aid, much to Janine's disappointment.

When Linda gets emotional about the prospect of being separated from Annie, after she takes her first steps in front of her, she and Mick almost kiss before being interrupted by Jada.

When Janine flirts with him, Mick is distracted with thoughts of Linda and trying to offer his support, asks Linda to go over the exact events of the accident, encouraging her to check her call log online.

And Janine is panicked when they discover that Linda made a call to The Vic that night.

Convinced that she is going to prison, Linda writes birthday cards for the future for her children. But when Sharon reveals that she was at The Vic on the day of the accident and knows who answered Linda’s call, Linda confronts Janine about the call in front of Mick.

Deciding to make the most of the time she has, Linda suggests a Carnival party at The Vic, which Mick loves the idea of. And later, she's grateful when he encourages Ollie to have a sleepover at Linda’s.

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