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Jay and Lola are forced to go public with their relationship in EastEnders

How will they deal with Lexi's demands when she finds out?

When Zack spots Martin chatting up his delivery driver, Jenny, he helps him to secure a date by suggesting he joins them with Jenny’s friend, Amber. Feeling jealous, Sam tells Zack that he has to work. And Martin begs Jay to be his wingman.

This forces Jay and Lola into discussing if they should be open about their relationship and when Martin arrives to plan their double date, Lola is left having to hide her jealousy. Jay debates cancelling his date with Amber until Martin arrives raring to go.

Spotting Zack watching Martin and Jay on their dates, Sam suggests he stay after his shift for a drink. How will he react when Chelsea turns up for her shift?

At Peggy's, Amber takes a shine to Jay and Lola arrives to witness this. Making an excuse to leave, Jay goes to see Lola and suggests they go public.

Breaking the news that they're back together, Jay and Lola ask Martin to stay quiet. However, when Lily offers Martin some words of support, he lets slip about Jay and Lola.

Unaware that it's a secret, Lily congratulates them in front of Lexi leaving her furious that they kept it from them and warns them they’ll need to make it up to her.

When Lexi lists her demands, Lola turns to Felix for help with Lexi’s upcoming pageant.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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