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Jay discovers that Lexi has been secretly texting Emma in EastEnders

How will he react when Emma returns and pushes for access?

As he worries about Lexi being cagey with her phone, Jay later discovers that she’s been texting Emma, who is back and reveals that Lexi has been messaging her for weeks and she’s really worried about her.

When Jay throws Emma out, Callum pleads with him to listen for Lexi's sake and Emma asks for another sit-down tomorrow. Hearing about Emma's return, Ben goes mad and bans her from seeing Lexi.

Later, Kathy counsels Jay to put Lexi's feelings first as she clearly loves her grandma and he's later heartbroken when Emma shows him the anguished messages Lexi has been sending her as Lexi didn't want to upset her dads further. And in turn, Jay promises to speak to Ben about letting Emma see Lexi.

As Emma continues to push for access to Lexi, which Jay reluctantly allows, during an emotional chat, Emma promises never to leave Lexi again. But Ben soon destroys her hopes.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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