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Jay spirals into drug addiction as Callum vows to tell Ben in EastEnders

Is he about to lose Lexi for good?

Waking up at Nadine’s, Jay is shocked to find a bag of ketamine on her bedside table. But when he confronts her, she says it helps her cope and could help him too.

At home, Ben is annoyed that Jay’s been out all night again, and Callum later confronts him about Nadine. And Callum is sceptical when Jay tells him that he just goes there to sleep.

Warning Nadine to leave Jay alone, Callum tells her about Lola’s death.

After Ben tears into him for neglecting Lexi, Jay arrives home with goodies to make her a special dinner. However, he later goes to see Nadine and scores some ketamine from her.

The following day, Ben and Callum are relieved that Jay stayed the night at home, and Lexi excitedly arranges a pizza and movie night. But as Jay struggles to cope, Callum catches him going to Nadine’s place.

As Jay tries to make excuses, he accidentally drops the bag of ketamine, and Callum is horrified to realise he’s on drugs. Although Jay begs him not to, Callum insists he’s telling Ben.

The next day, Ben is worried about Jay and thinks he needs to see a counsellor. Callum agrees to talk to Jay about it, but they end up arguing over Nadine and Jay goes to see Nadine to score again.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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