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Jenny is forced to come clean to Carla after Bethany raises suspicions in Corrie

Will Carla be able to forgive Jenny? 


As Daisy climbs out of Tim’s taxi with her shopping bags, Bethany reckons she must have spent a fortune but Daisy snaps that it’s all from the charity shops in Alderley Edge.

However, later in the Rovers, an intrigued Bethany overhears Jenny tearing a strip off Daisy for spending so much money on her shopping spree, pointing out that they need to keep a low profile money-wise.

And when Tim lets slip that he picked Daisy up from the centre of Manchester, Bethany realises she was lying. Is Bethany coming close to uncovering the truth about Daisy?

Determined to get on better with Daisy, Bethany tells Daniel she’s going to call in and see if she needs help preparing for their dinner tonight.

In the Rovers, Bethany persuades a reluctant Daisy to let her help with the cooking and with Daisy distracted, Bethany turns the oven up on the apple pie. Having discovered the apple pie burnt to a crisp, Daisy heads out to buy a replacement leaving Bethany and Ryan to prepare the evening meal.

When Jenny calls Ryan through to the bar, Bethany seizes the opportunity to rifle through drawers and after stuffing something in her handbag, hurries out.

In the builder’s yard flat, Bethany takes Stephen’s journal out from her bag and flicks through it, intrigued. Will Bethany find out the truth about the Rovers? Later in the café, Jenny masks her panic as Carla makes a dig about Bethany’s accusations.

In the Rovers, a stressed Jenny tells Daisy they need to find a way to pay the money back to Carla without her finding out but Daisy reckons they should just keep quiet.

With the karaoke night in full flow, Sally admires Daisy’s new designer bag and as Jenny berates Daisy for flaunting her wealth, she fails to realise her words can be heard over the microphone.

As Ryan steps in to calm the situation, Carla clocks the tension and finds a visibly upset Jenny in Victoria Garden.

Quizzed on Bethany’s suspicions over Stephen’s money, Jenny crumbles and admits that they took it but had every intention of paying it back. Will Carla be able to forgive Jenny? 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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