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Jenny is left shocked after Leo's dead body is found in Corrie

Is the game finally up for Stephen?

When site manager Neil suggests they bet on when the digger will turn up, Ed struggles and later in the Rovers, as the lads gather to watch the match, Ed's sorely tempted when Neil suggests they have a flutter.

Apologising to Neil for snapping at him, Ed explains he used to be a gambling addict.

In the solicitors’ office, Dee-Dee gets Ronnie to sign some forms and points out he’s taking a risk starting work on the site before completion of the purchase.

Meanwhile, at the building site, after noticing that the digger driver looks troubled, Ed hurries over.

Soon, Ronnie arrives to see Ed talking to a uniformed Craig. Peering into the hole, Ronnie discovers that the digger has unearthed a dead body!

When Stephen and Jenny return all loved up as they return from Paris, Jenny tells Stephen it’s time he moved into the pub.

Returning to work full of joy, Stephen's mood soon changes when he hears a body has been found on Ed and Ronnie’s building site. Masking his inner turmoil, Stephen makes out he’s got a migraine and leaves.

Back at the pub, Stephen presses Ed for more details and his heart sinks when it's confirmed that it was definitely a man's body.

Calling at the pub, Craig breaks the news to Jenny that the body is that of Leo’s. As Jenny reels in shock, is the game up for Stephen?

Later, when Dee-Dee breaks the news that the investor has pulled out of the building project, Ronnie reckons they should cut their losses. Ed, however, is adamant it’s too late to pull out.

Alone, Ed watches the horse racing, adrenaline pumping.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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