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Jimmy Carr to host new gameshow Battle in the Box for Dave

The eight-part comedy reality gameshow is based on a hit Korean format.

Credit: Matt Holyoak

Today at the Edinburgh Television Festival, it was announced that the hit Korean format Battle in the Box is arriving in the UK on Dave, with Jimmy Carr hosting the ground-breaking new comedy reality gameshow in which pairs of comics and some of the nation’s favourite celebrities battle it out for pride, prizes and most importantly floorspace.

Living in a pressure cooker like no other, Battle in the Box promises to test the endurance and ingenuity of some of the UK’s biggest names from comedy, TV and entertainment.

Produced by Interstellar, this comedy entertainment and reality hybrid is based on a hit Korean format from Seoul-based format agency Something Special and will run for eight episodes with four tense double bills which will see eight pairs spend 24 hours in the box.

In Battle in the Box, when the clock starts two celebrity teams will move into a completely empty box divided by a moveable wall with nothing but a toothbrush.

Once inside, they will only have cameras and each other for company, no beds, tables, chairs or home comforts. Over the course of the day and night, they will need to earn everything by winning a series of physical and mental challenges all set by the orchestrator of this chaos, Jimmy Carr.

Winning a game means more space and luxuries for the lucky duo. But there’s a catch: more room for one team means less for the losers, as the Box’s sliding wall forces them into an ever-smaller space. And, with games set around the clock, the tide and the wall can turn at any time.

Overseeing the proceedings will be host Jimmy Carr who said "We all know comedians are at their best when they’re tired, hungry and lacking the most basic of human comforts. So, I can’t wait to see how they’ll fare in the box, with space at a premium and cameras watching their every move. What could possibly go right?"

Battle in the Box has been commissioned by UKTV's senior commissioning editor Mark Iddon, commissioning executive Jason Dawson, channel director Cherie Hall and director of commissioning Hilary Rosen.

Speaking about the new series, Senior Commissioning Editor Mark Iddon said "Finally, we get to answer the classic age-old question of what would happen if Jimmy Carr locked two pairs of comedians in a giant box for 24 hrs to battle to the death (ok, not death) whilst a moving wall threatens to make them live in a space the size of a photo booth? Because, you know, there is nothing like a wall inching in on your personal space to bring out the best in comedy!"

To which Channel Director Cherie Hall added "This format balances the perfect mix of challenge in the gameplay, jeopardy via the moving and claustrophobic wall, and a tonne of fun and comedy from the trials and tribulations of our celebs being locked together in a box. An exciting launch for Dave in 2024."

Produced by Interstellar, Battle in the Box will be executive-produced by Jamie Ormerod and David Williams and series produced by Tom Corrigan.

Speaking ahead of the series, Ormerod and Williams of Interstellar said "Battle in the Box combines our two favourite genres comedy and reality, in one stand out format that challenges comics and celebs to think outside the box while living inside one. We’re delighted to be partnering with Jimmy Carr and the team at Dave to bring it to UK screens."

To which Jin Woo Hwang and Praise ChanMi Shin of Something Special added "Something Special is thrilled to collaborate with UKTV and Interstellar on Battle in the Box and see our exciting format come to life on the screen. Audiences love watching celebrities go through tough challenges and it will be fascinating to watch how they strategize to secure their space."

Filming starts next month with the contestants announced closer to transmission.

Battle in the Box will air in 2024 on Dave


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