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Jo returns to deliver Rocky their divorce papers in EastEnders and brings news of 'his boy'

What will her unwelcome return mean for Rocky and Kathy?

With Kathy fretting over having to organise Lola's wake, Rocky is determined to take the stress off her, but his day is disrupted when Jo rocks up with their divorce papers and he desperately tries to keep her away from Kathy.

Later, Rocky wonders why he didn't receive his papers via post and as he leaves, Jo rattles him when she tells him that 'Jasper says hello' and Rocky furtively calls Jo, demanding to talk about 'his boy'.

The following day, Bobby is horrified when he overhears Rocky on the phone to Jo saying she can't keep 'his boy from him' and immediately tells Kathy, who rushes to confront Rocky.

Arriving mid-row, Jo announced that if Rocky wants to see Jasper, he'll have to come to The Vic and beg.

Later on in the week, after Kathy makes decisions about who she wants at her wedding, Rocky makes calls, hopeful to get Kathy the guests she wants at their wedding and enlists Bobby's help.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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