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Jodie Whittaker to star in new Paramount+ drama One Night

She'll star alongside Nicole da Silva and Yael Stone in the new six-part character-driven mystery about female friendships under incredible emotional and existential strain.

Created and written by Emily Ballou new drama tells the story of three women whose bond was all but destroyed by the traumatic events of one night 20 years ago.

Since then, Simone, played by Nicole da Silva, has harboured secret hopes of becoming a novelist but most of her haphazard attempts have been shoved into her bottom drawer. Now, at the age of 40, she has finally written the one story she could never get out of her mind, and her debut manuscript has become an unexpected overnight success.

But it soon becomes apparent that the devastating story the book tells doesn’t exclusively belong to her. At the heart of Simone’s novel is a tragedy which also happened to Tess, played by Jodie Whittaker, and Hat, played by Yael Stone, her two childhood best friends.

As it becomes harder to prise fact from fiction, one person’s memory and story from another’s, the book threatens to derail all their friendships, bringing old traumas to the surface of the small coastal community where they grew up, and stirring its perpetrators, who want to make it all go away.

One Night will also star George Mason, Erroll Shand, Noni Hazlehurst, Tina Bursill, Damien Strouthos and Jillian Nguyen. The six-part series will be written and executive produced by Emily Ballou alongside Motive Pictures' Simon Maxwell, it'll be co-executive produced by Harriet Creelman

It'll be produced by Ian Collie, Rob Gibson and Ally Henville for Easy Tiger who said "We are so excited to be working with Emily Ballou, Simon Maxwell and the team at Motive, as well as our partners at Paramount+, on this brilliantly conceived and executed story."

"ONE NIGHT is a gripping, character-driven mystery that explores the boundaries of friendship, and questions our understanding of memory, trauma, and storytelling itself, all set against the majestic beauty of the south coast of New South Wales."

To which Simon Maxwell, executive producer for Motive Pictures said "ONE NIGHT showcases Emily’s extraordinary gifts as a writer, interweaving beautifully-observed character writing, compulsive storytelling and insights into its very relevant themes. It’s no wonder that her scripts have attracted such a stellar cast including Jodie Whittaker, Nicole da Silva and Yael Stone. We’re excited to be embarking on this adventure alongside our partners at Easy Tiger, Paramount+, Fifth Season and Screen Australia."

One Night will air on Paramount+


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