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John Paul is hurt in a homophobic attack in Hollyoaks

How will he deal with the aftermath of his attack?

Frustrated and wanting more than putting stickers on coffee cups, former teacher John Paul is determined to go out and find himself a more satisfactory job. But after his search leaves him deflated, Sally and Hunter are concerned about him not seeming himself. When confronted, John Paul admits how stuck and hopeless he feels in his life.

Wanting to help the person that inspired him to be a teacher, Hunter comes across a job which might be just what John Paul needs. Down at the park, Scott interviews John Paul for the teaching position and after being impressed with his experience, offers him the job,

However, the McQueens' excitement quickly dampens when he realises it’s voluntary. But after taking their advice, John Paul accepts the voluntary role but a name on the sign-up list leaves him concerned.

Arriving with good news, Goldie tells John Paul that she's managed to sort a cash-in-hand job out for him. And when Sally reaches out to see if Matthew Jesus would be able to visit anytime soon, Goldie shares her concerns that John Paul might not yet be ready. But John Paul is determined to prove her wrong.

Later, Scott wants to use The Loft's gay club night to his advantage, by wooing a potential investor for the youth club and enlists John Paul’s help.

With Goldie worried about John Paul being around alcohol, he assures her he’s feeling better and has even arranged to see Matthew Jesus next week. Feeling overprotective, Goldie decides to spy on her brother.

The event gets off to a rocky start when Scott puts his foot in it with investor Kenneth, but John Paul swoops in to help and the smooth-talking McQueen manages to impress.

Meanwhile, after spotting a homophobic group of men making fun of the partygoers, Goldie publicly calls them out and things get heated.

As John Paul leaves the nightclub, the same men from earlier attack him. Horrified to see this, Ste and Scott scare them off. But are they too late?

Later, it all gets too much for John Paul back at home who lashes out at Sally, Goldie and Mercedes.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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