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John Paul spirals as DeMarcus drinks himself unconscious in Hollyoaks

Can John Paul finally commit to sorting his life out? And will DeMarcus pull through?

Sally organises a keep fit competition for the students over half term and Olivia recruits a reluctant John Paul to do some promotion.

As they march around the village, John Paul gets hit on by a stranger and Olivia later reaches her 20,000 steps whilst John-Paul slacked off.

After a night with his admirer, Luis, there's hope of a new romance for John Paul, until an earlier accusation reveals the shocking truth that makes John Paul view the night before differently.

Avoiding calls from Luis, John Paul commits to sorting his life out including his issues with alcohol and Luis later exposes the truth to Olivia. Left alone with his own thoughts, John Paul starts to spiral.

Meanwhile, struggling with his grief, DeMarcus distances himself from the Devereauxs. But a surprise from Felix might be exactly what he needs and as Felix tries to bond with DeMarcus, an admission that was meant to be heartfelt makes DeMarcus feel like he has something to prove.

After he confides in Leah, she offers to help DeMarcus and they decide to make a statement by breaking into the school. Whilst at the school, DeMarcus and Leah find alcohol in the caretakers closet and decide to have some fun.

John Paul struggles to hide his alcohol withdrawal symptoms as he spends time with Matthew Jesus and later gets a shock to the system as Prince mentions an alarm going off at the school. When he convinces him to let him check it out, John Paul uncovers a frightening scene.

Later, labelled as ‘the hero of the day’, John Paul watches as someone else gets the blame for his mistake. And Pearl critiques Felix for putting pressure on DeMarcus to be perfect as he searches the village for him.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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