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Johnny fears he's seen Aidan in Corrie as his condition worsens in prison

But is Carla right to keep Jenny in the dark?

Too wrapped up in his own problems, Johnny declines an offer to play pool by fellow prisoner Joe. But when Gary tells Johnny that Joe took an overdose in his cell, he's horrified and realises that Joe's request for a game of pool was actually a cry for help. And Jenny's worried sick, aware that Joe’s overdose will bring back dark thoughts of Aidan.

When she hears Daisy slagging off Johnny, Jenny is upset but when she apologies, Jenny forgives and assures her that she likes having her to stay. Daisy’s relieved to have won her round.

Knowing that Carla is visiting Johnny later, Jenny's genuinely worried about him and wants her to find out how he really is and not let him fob her off.

Back in prison, a troubled Johnny imagines he can see a bloke in a suit and later after seeing mice and cockroaches, he's confused to glance up and think he's seen Aidan.

When Carla pays him a visit, she quizzes him about his health and Johnny reluctantly admits that his eyesight has deteriorated to the point where he’s hallucinating, he thought he saw Aidan - and wonders if he's losing his marbles.

Johnny promises a deeply concerned Carla that he’ll talk to the prison doctor about his hallucinations, on condition she doesn’t say a word to Jenny. But as he heads back to his cell, it's clear he has no intention of speaking to the prison doctor.

Returning home, Carla assures Jenny that Johnny is fine - but back at the prison, Johnny is thrown to be summoned by the prison doctor.

Roy assures Carla that she did the right thing after she confesses to him about breaking her promise to Johnny by phoning the prison to voice her concerns about his health.

Convinced he can see a ginger cat, Johnny confides in Gary that he’s really struggling with his eyesight and feels like he’s cracking up. After Gary urges him to get some help, he calls Carla from prison and tells her that thanks to her and her big gob, the doctor is referring him to a psychiatrist.

After Carla urges him to tell Jenny what’s going on, Johnny calls Jenny and finally opens up to her about his hallucinations and the fact he thinks he can see Aidan.

Jenny’s heart goes out to him but is angry that Carla kept it from her.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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