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Jonah beats Sam to buying Ruby's in EastEnders

How far will Kim go to get what she wants?

Unaware that Sam has an ulterior motive, Kat is annoyed when she joins her to visit Phil. At the visit, she reveals Jonah is planning to buy Ruby’s but they should buy it instead. After some convincing and much to Kat's frustration, Phil agrees.

With too much on her plate, Kat snaps when she learns that Sam has intentionally arranged a meeting with Ruby’s lawyers at a time she can’t do, leaving Sam to manage the meeting alone.

However, Sam ends up missing the meeting when she learns her ex has dumped all her belongings in the Square. Fuming, she asks Billy to help her.

As Sam rushes to Ruby’s, it’s too late. Jonah has got the club. And as Sam and Chelsea bond, Kat is furious to learn what happened, warning her that Phil will not be happy.

When Phil suggests she re-mortgages the cab office in order to buy Ruby’s, Kat is furious and puts her foot down. They're not getting the club.

Desperate, Phil tells Sam to speak to Ben about investing but when Ben refuses, Kheerat shows his interest. And in the salon, Sam gets an idea and makes a threat to Denise.

With Sam's threat hanging over her, Denise turns to Phil for help and she and Jack later tell Sam that she’s no longer welcome to stay.

Meanwhile, excited to go on a date with Kim, Howie soon realises he has got the wrong end of the stick when she introduces a man as his date.

When Howie finds Kim live streaming some expensive new equipment and products for the salon, he asks her to talk. But as he tries to explain his true feelings, Kim gets a phone call and rushes out in a panic.

At the salon, Denise is mortified to learn they have been robbed and as she still reels from the robbery, Kim worries that the burglars could be after her and asks Howie to protect her.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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