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Joseph is rushed to hospital where the doctor confirms that he has Lyme disease in Corrie

And when he wakes, he tells Chesney that he only wants to live with Gemma.

When Joseph starts complaining of a temperature. Gemma’s concerned, but Chesney’s adamant he’s fine. As Gemma shares her concerns with Paul, he points out that she could jeopardise her situation with social services and advises her to keep quiet.

As Gemma shares her concerns with Dr Gaddas in the café, Chesney overhears and is furious.

Back at No.5, Gemma, Chesney and Paul lark about with the kids, but the mood is broken by the arrival of Granny Linda who hands Chesney a business card for a family solicitor.

As Chesney refuses to discuss it, Joseph gags on his milk and Chesney realises that the fridge is broken and all the food has gone off.

Emerging from No.5 with a sickly-looking Joseph, Chesney assures Gemma that it’s just an upset tummy as Dr Gaddas listens to their exchange with interest.

At No.5, Gemma finds the solicitor's business card and accuses Chesney of plotting to take her kids off her but Chesney assures her he’d never do that. And Gemma storms out when Linda reveals it was her idea as she doesn’t think she’s safe to be around her own children.

After receiving a call a call from the school to tell him that Joseph is poorly, back at No.5, Chesney and Linda fuss over Joseph. But as he stands, his legs give way and he collapses on the sofa, barely conscious.

Panic-stricken, Chesney orders Linda to call an ambulance and as the doctor approaches, they explain that after talking to Dr Gaddas, they suspect Joseph has Lyme disease which he contracted whilst camping. 

Soon, the doctor confirms that Joseph has Lyme disease, but says that Joseph should make a full recovery.

Confirming that Joseph has Lyme disease, the doctor says that Joseph should make a full recovery.

When Joseph wakes to find Chesney and Gemma at his bedside, an elated Gemma tells Chesney and Joseph that social services have confirmed she can move back home. But Chesney’s shocked when Joseph announces that he wants to live with Gemma and not him because she’s the only one who believed he was ill. 

Later, having been released from prison, Bernie calls at the Rovers to find that Dev, Paul and Billy have thrown her a surprise party.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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