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Juliet confides in Sid after Peri accuses her of dealing again in Hollyoaks

Can their relationship survive these accusations?

Keen to make some money to help clear Shaq's debts, Yazz finds a journalism competition with a cash prize and thinks Juliet and Peri will be her perfect interviewees. Despite them refusing, she hatches a plan to get the answers off them anyway.

After realising that they've been tricked into giving Yazz an interview with a game of "Truth or Dare?" - Peri and Juliet are furious. But when she explains why she's trying to raise monet, they agree to go ahead with it.

However, when Juliet takes offence to one of the questions, she storms off and we later see her getting a message from an unknown contact. Who could it be?

Eager for her best friend and girlfriend to get along, Peri encourages Yazz and Juliet to apologise and make up.

When Juliet is caught in a lie, Peri jumps to conclusions and thinks Juliet might be dealing again. Juliet is frustrated when she is confronted with these accusations and tells Sid that he's the only person she can talk to about everything she's been through.

Having overheard their conversation, Peri confides in Yazz, who puts an idea in her head that maybe Sid and Juliet are seeing each other behind her back. Done with playing games, Peri demands to know who Juliet is texting.

Later, Fergus talks to Juliet and tells her he has the perfect solution to her relationship worries and Juliet reveals to Sid who has been texting her.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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