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Juliet pushes Peri and Nadira away as she faces a biopsy Hollyoaks

What will the future hold for Juliet?

Having arranged a lunch, Nadira is excited to reintroduce her girlfriend, Juliet to her dad. But after Serena encourages Peri to take the risk with Juliet, Peri wows her ex-fiance donning her lucky dress and a mystery illness causes Juliet to feel sick and ask Nadira if they can postpone lunch with her dad.

As her sickness continues, Juliet gets checked out at hospital and sparks fly when Peri is the one to take the tests. Juliet promises to Nadira that she will make lunch with her dad.

But when she goes back in to hospital, some concerning news from Misbah makes her miss lunch again as she's told she needs a biopsy.

Nadira is shocked by Juliet's snappy response after confronting her for standing her and her dad up again yesterday. Spotting a text on Juliet’s phone, Donna-Marie gathers that something is going on with Peri and pins her strange behaviour on her love woes.

As Juliet breaks down to Misbah, an appointment for her biopsy is made for later that day. But when Nadira tells Juliet she’s rearranged dinner with her dad to tonight, an emotional

Juliet hides the truth about her biopsy. What will she tell her instead?

When Peri wants to know what's next, Juliet just snaps at her and as she continues to push her away, she tells her that she doesn’t want to be with her or Nadira.

After finding a leaflet dropped by Juliet, Ste realises what is going on and supports her for her hospital appointment whilst James rushes to be by her side as the results are in.

Later, in emotional scenes, Ste reassures Peri, whilst James comforts Juliet.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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