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June Brown, Harry Redknapp and more tackle technology in new ITV series

Hard to Please OAPs will air this April and see eight seasoned celebrity OAPs grappling with the cutting edge gadgets and gizmos that are supposedly designed to make our lives easier.

EastEnders actress June Brown and current King of the Jungle Harry Redknapp will be joined by Jack Whitehall’s father Michael Whitehall, Hi-De-Hi's Ruth Madoc, ex-political correspondent John Sergeant, Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson, entertainment legend Lionel Blair and former Corrie actress Amanda Barrie.

Smart speakers, electric cars, remote control golf trolleys, home saunas, high tech tents, dog cameras and pooper scooper vacuums, the future is upon us but not everyone is happy about it. Not least of all this group of no-nonsense grumpy old celebrities, some of whom like things done the old fashioned way.

In this new series, narrated by Jennifer Saunders, the celebs will be bringing a good dose of common sense to state of the art products and services by getting off the sofa and trying them out for themselves.

It’s also an opportunity for them, to let off steam about modern life and discover whether things really were better in the old days, before we became enslaved to wifi, automated ticket machines, Sat Navs and food delivery apps.

Speaking about getting to grips with Amazon Alexa, June Brown said "Why isn’t life simple? That’s what I want to know? We complicate life. I hate gadgets and I hate social networks!”

Whilst Harry Rednapp made his views on modern technology very clear saying "All of them machines! Arghh, I can’t stand it. I don’t use them. I think it’s quite dangerous for pensioners.”

And Amanda Barrie added “Driverless cars to me sound really sinister in some way and so dangerous but they’re not coming out for another five years and I’ll be dead by then so I’ll be fine. I’m not going to worry about it!”

Hard to Please OAPs will air Tuesday 9th April at 8:30pm on ITV

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