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Junior helps Lauren with Louie whilst Peter is away in EastEnders

Can Peter prove he's there for Lauren and Louie?


Nervous ahead of her job interview, Lauren’s matters are made worse when the bailiffs arrive demanding payment for an old credit debt.

Later, Lauren is surprised to find Louie playing football with Junior, Alfie and Tommy in the Square, but things get heated when Junior questions Louie’s academia and Lauren leaves.

Trying to reason with Lauren for shouting at Junior, Penny echoes his concern that Louie may be struggling at school.

After Kathy offers her advice, a defensive Lauren soon softens and she heads to The Vic to apologise.

As the pair share a drink, Junior shares some words of encouragement and Lauren later seizes an opportunity and asks Jay for a trial shift at the Car Lot which he accepts.

After discovering that Louie has been struggling at school, Lauren later comes to blows with Kathy after she wrongly assumes she is being insensitive about the diagnosis.

Later, Junior bumps into Lauren and the pair exchange numbers when Junior suggests he put her in contact with a friend of Xavier’s about Louie.

Having been away for two days, Peter intercepts the interaction, but Lauren is in no mood for sarcasm and storms out taking Louie with her.

As Peter attempts to prove he’s there for her and Louie, Lauren storms off when he accidentally offends her before her trial shift.

Heading to The Vic to make amends with Junior, him and Peter share a pint before Peter heads off to collect Louie from school.

Later in the café, Peter apologises to Lauren and asks to move in with her, but she asks for time to think.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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