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Justin's sister warns Daisy of his dangerous past in Corrie

Will Daisy still go ahead with her wedding to Daniel?

As Daniel attempts to put things right with Daisy, will she agree to go ahead with the wedding?

When she finds Justin lurking outside, Daisy declares she’s had enough, whips out her phone and starts filming him in a bid to prove to him what it feels like. Whilst in the pub, Jenny and Glenda watch Daisy's live stream in horror!

After Justin hurries away, his sister calls at the Rovers, warning Daisy that this isn’t the first time Justin has become obsessed with someone and she needs to watch herself as he’s dangerous.

The next day, spotting a delivery van on the street, Daisy suffers a panic attack and Ryan does his best to calm her down as Daisy opens up about how she’s continually looking over her shoulder.

After telling Daniel that everyone is back on board with the wedding apart from the florist, Daisy bites the bullet and asks Tracy if she’d do the flowers, who agrees on the condition that she and Amy are bridesmaids. Will Daisy agree?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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