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Kat clashes with Janine in EastEnders after shocking discovery

Can Janine still win Scarlett over?

When Scarlett chooses to do a school project on Helen Keller, Janine is offended that she is not Scarlett’s hero. Determined to get in her good books, Janine spins a tale, but Scarlett is uninterested. And later in the pub, Janine asks for Frankie’s help.

After Scarlett’s school project is ruined by Bert and Ernie, she asks Janine if her friends, who are deaf, will give a talk at school instead.

Determined to prove herself, Janine asks Frankie again for her help and later gives a presentation to Scarlett's class.

Meanwhile, Kat can’t get to the bottom of why Tommy is being distant with her. Opening up to Jean, Tommy tells her that he wants to know where Michael is buried.

And when Kat gets him to talk, she realises why he's been acting up since the fire and storms out looking for Janine.

Later at the Vic, Scarlett’s in awe over the party Frankie has set up with Janine’s ‘friends’ but things quickly turn sour when Kat arrives.

When Billy tries to persuade Jay to let Janine stay with them, he refuses until she eventually manages to win Jay over - but she can only stay until Honey and Janet return.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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