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Kat declares herself head of the Mitchell family in EastEnders

As she throws Sam out.

When a smoke bomb is thrown into her house, Kat is shaken and immediately knows who is behind it. As she tries to stay calm about the situation, her fear grows when she receives an odd package.

In the café, Kat and Stacey are relieved it’s a false alarm and Kat confides in Stacey about not wanting to live a life like this, it’s not why she’s with Phil. Overhearing, Denise warns them to sort everything out with Sam so she can leave Jack and their family alone.

Meanwhile, Ben riles Kat by telling her she’s not up to being a Mitchell and when Sam arrives at her house and says she’s moving in, Kat throws her out as she’s head of the family now.

Eager to find a place to live, Sam gets an idea after talking to Ricky in the café and Jack is later conflicted when Ricky misbehaves and threatens to move away with Sam.

Later on, in the week, Kat is shocked when Callum escorts Lily home after she was caught shoplifting and after questioning what is going on, she's taken back by Lily's response.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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