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Kat proposes to Phil in EastEnders as Tommy is beaten up

Will Phil agree that getting married is the right thing to do?

With Phil going away so soon, Kat doesn't think it's fair that he should still be so close to the kids, but when Tommy, worried about the bullies, asks Phil if he can still pick him up from school, he agrees.

Meanwhile, Sharon admits to Phil that she can't look after his businesses when he goes to prison as she has too much on her plate.

Later, when Henry pays Kat a visit, she openly flirts with him as Phil appears, cutting in and ordering him out. Furious, Kat is interrupted by a call from Tommy and Phil freezes, realising that he forgot to pick him up.

Returning home, Phil is panicked that he can’t find Tommy but soon a beaten up Tommy appears. And despite Kat trying to get information from him about who attacked him, Tommy doesn't want to say. Realising that Phil knew all about it, Kat’s anger grows.

Forcing the truth out of Tommy, Kat is devastated to learn he is being bullied and outraged that Phil has been helping him behind her back. Worried about how her kids will be affected when Phil goes to prison, Kat tells Phil it’s time to rip the bandage off and they’re moving out.

As Kat frantically packs to leave Phil's house, Jean knocks over some paperwork and Kat is shocked at what she finds.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Jada find a beaten up Tommy in the Square and Kat and Phil have it out. But realising what she has to lose, Kat gets on one knee to propose.

With Tommy not wanting to go to school, Phil offers to take him for the day and pushes him hard at the gym. But when he buckles, Tommy runs off. Later, showing off in front of Sid, Tommy tells them that Phil taught him to box.

Overhearing, Ben warns him but Tommy doesn’t want to hear it and as Phil gets ready, Ben has a go at him for telling Tommy to man up.

And when the bullies approach Tommy and Lily, Lily calls for Phil whilst Tommy legs it and runs into the Argee Bhajee and hides.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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