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Kat tries to stop Phil from doing a runner with Raymond in EastEnders

But can she stop him? And will her plan to save Billy, work?

To help get Billy back on his feet, Kat explains to Jay how she used Phil's money to buy a rare record without him knowing and she wants him to plant it on his stall.

Later, Jay pretends to find the record and Billy can’t believe his luck as the bids flood in. But after Janet tells Billy she wants it, Kat finds her playing the record and comes clear to Billy, explaining that it was a lifeline she threw him.

But as she goes to grab it, there is a scratch and the record is ruined!

Elsewhere, after receiving a call from Ritchie about the situation with Raymond, Phil goes to Jack to try to see Raymond. But Jack tells him he's got no chance.

Returning home, Phil finds Billy there and to his annoyance, Kat explains he'll be staying until he can get back on his feet. But when Phil hears about the record, he really hits the roof and orders Billy out!

And after telling Kat that Ritchie has said it’s going to be hard to get custody of Raymond and after his conversation with Jack he’s considering taking him and doing a runner. Kat begs him not to and he gives her until the end of the day to convince him otherwise. Or else he will go through with it.

Visiting Denise in the salon, Kat tries to convince her to let Phil see his son. Will she change her mind? Or will Phil be forced to go through with his plan?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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