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Kathy discovers the truth about what Lewis did to Ben in EastEnders

Can she convince Ben to go to the police?

Kheerat is concerned when Ben refuses to work at The Arches and with only Dotty to help, Jay offers to speak to a mechanic he knows.

When Lewis tells Kathy he was recently involved in a homophobic attack, Ben has little sympathy and tells Lewis he gave him an STI.

After Ben is rude to Lola, Kheerat is concerned after spotting the medication Ben is taking and paying him a visit, lets him know he is there to talk to. Alone, Ben calls Lola to apologise for earlier but she fails to answer.

Later, Kathy snaps at Ben after he is rude to Rocky and reveals he’s moved in leaving Ben furious. At The Arches, Ben shows up for work and is put out to see Kheerat has hired another mechanic, Dave.

Uncomfortable with Dave's over familiarity, Ben heads off for some fresh air and spots Callum telling Lewis that he should report his homophobic attack to the police, unaware Ben is watching.

Spooked by their exchange, Ben returns to The Arches and insists Dave leaves. When left alone, Ben breaks down.

Having spent the night at The Arches, Ben panics when he hears Dave slamming on the door, demanding his wages. Unaware Ben is hiding inside, Jay sees the commotion and gives Dave what he is owed much to Ben’s relief.

When Kheerat arrives, he's alarmed to see the state of Ben and suggests he needs to take some time off.

With Ben on her mind, Kathy tries to fire Lewis but he warns her he could take legal action, so instead, she gives him a warning.

Desperate to help Ben, Kheerat shares his concerns with Kathy and when he returns home, Ben is confronted by Kathy.

As tensions rise between the pair, Kathy puts the blame on Ben for what happened with Callum. As things become too much for Ben, the penny drops for Kathy that Lewis raped Ben.

Reeling from her discovery, Kathy does all she can to support Ben. Needing some space, Ben rushes out before returning, much to Kathy's relief, and continues to talk about what happened.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of Callum’s good nature, Lewis asks a reluctant Callum to help him go over how to report his attack to the police.

After a heart-to-heart with Ben, Kathy encourages him to go to the police. But he refuses to.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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