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Katie McGlynn makes her Hollyoaks debut as Diane's new friend, Becky

And it soon becomes clear that this friendship might be dangerous…

Still hiding the extent of her OCD, Diane convinces Tony to clean the flat with her. But when Tony suggests that they take Eva outside for some fresh air, Diane panics and refuses, insisting that she’s not ready.

After a call from the doctors, Tony discovers that Diane has been missing hospital appointments to check her blood pressure.

On Tuesday, (Monday, first look on E4), Katie McGlynn first appears as new mum Becky, who meets Diane outside of the hospital and invites her for a walk. This gives Diane an excuse to get out of her appointment.

At the park, Diane confides in Becky about her fears surrounding the safety of her children, and, in return, Becky also opens up.

But a slip of the tongue creates trouble for Diane when Becky accidentally reveals to Tony that Diane didn’t go to her hospital appointment.

Later, when Diane meets with her new friend, it becomes clear to the audience that there’s more than meets the eye with Becky. But is this friendship potentially dangerous for impressionable Diane?

And when Tony tells Becky that Diane is fragile at the minute and that he’s been worried about her mental health, he thanks Becky for spending time with her.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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