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Keanu fights for access to Peggy as Lisa plans to return to Portugal in EastEnders

But is it a fight he can win?

When Sharon implores him to come clean to Phil, Keanu is convinced that he’ll never get to see Peggy again if he does.

Going to see Phil, Sharon begs him to let Keanu see Peggy and to hear him out as he reveals what’s really going on with Lisa. When Keanu is evasive, Sharon blurts out the truth and as Phil goes mad about Keanu's actions, Sharon begs him to calm down.

As Keanu tries to explain himself, Phil reveals the truth whilst Lisa arrives back in Albert Square to discover Peggy is with Phil.

As she goes to collect her, she's confronted by Phil, Sharon, Kat, and Keanu, who have spoken to Louise.

As Lisa's lies unravel, Sharon takes pity on a broken Lisa and Keanu can't believe it, given all Lisa has done. Sharon tells Keanu to keep his cool.

Later, after seeing Lisa’s phone ping up with gambling site messages, Sharon spots her coming out of the bookies and confronts her about her addiction.

As Sharon makes it her mission to convince Phil to help Lisa, Keanu isn’t happy when Lisa offers him some video calls with Peggy as the first step toward proper access to his daughter.

As Keanu seeks legal advice over access to Peggy, Lisa suspects he is deliberately trying to keep her and Peggy in the UK.

With Eve’s help, Keanu launches a desperate race to get an order in place to keep Lisa from taking Peggy out of the country.

Meanwhile, Lisa tries to get what she needs to make a flight to Portugal tonight.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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