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Keanu is arrested on the day of Albie's christening in EastEnders after accepting job from Ravi

Will he grass Ravi up to the police for a way out?

On the morning of Albie's christening, Ravi reminds Keanu that there's big money on the table for the delivery job.

Keanu is conflicted until he gets his nose put out of joint by the flash present Martin and Zack have bought Albie. Making an excuse to slope off, Keanu meets them at the church and Ravi gives him the details of the job, telling him he'll be transporting drugs in white goods.

However, after delays make him late for the christening, Keanu parks outside and rushes into the church.

During the christening, the van alarm goes off and as Keanu rushes outside to check with Sharon in tow, he finds the police waiting and Sharon reels as they arrest Keanu for intent to supply.

With Keanu at the police station, Karen is demanding Sharon do something. Shell-shocked, Sharon eventually rings a solicitor while Karen insists to everyone that her son wouldn't go near drugs.

Back at The Vic, as Sharon and Karen both defend Keanu, Ravi overhears and panics that things have gone wrong.

Soon, Keanu finally calls Sharon and insists it's not what it looks like and DS Barnes offers him a way out if he's willing to rat on his bosses.

When Keanu arrives back at the pub, Ravi collars him, demanding to know if he grassed them up.

After Keanu swears he didn't, Ravi makes a secretive phone call and catches up with Keanu before taking revenge.

Later, Phil sees Keanu and calls an ambulance, just as distraught Sharon arrives.

As a distraught Sharon arrives, in the hospital waiting room she shares her theory with Phil that Ravi did this. But Phil isn't convinced.

When Karen arrives, she tears into Sharon for forcing Keanu to turn to crime to keep up but Bernie counters that he's mixed up in things none of them knows about. Seeing a confrontation between Ravi and Sharon, Nish realises his son is the attacker as Sharon threatens to report him to the police.

As Nish berates Ravi for putting himself in a position to be thrown back inside, the police arrive at Walford East.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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