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Keegan isn't ready to let his marriage go in EastEnders

But does Tiff feel the same?

After Mick's accusations that Ranie is using, alarm bells ring for Bernie and she's wary of Rainie when she sees her. Vowing to help his sister get the truth, Keegan confronts Rainie and Stuart.

However, things take a turn and Tiffany has to step in to diffuse the situation. Realising he went too far, Keegan later apologises and Rainie agrees to take a drugs test.

When Bernie comments that Tiff and Keegan make a good team, Tiff admits to Keegan that she and Vinny pretended to be together as a wind-up.

After agreeing to be friends, Tiffany is fuming after receiving a letter to say that Keegan has frozen their joint account.

Feeling foolish, she later grabs a drink with Whitney and a bottle of champagne arrives at their table. Who could it be from?

After getting advice from his parents, Keegan realises he doesn’t want to let his marriage go and calls round to see Tiff. Will she feel the same?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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