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Keegan's sudden popularity knocks Tiffany's confidence in EastEnders

But is that the least of her worries?

As Keegan proudly sets up his new market stall, Dotty pops by to give Tiffany her earnings from their credit card scheme. She tells Dotty she hasn’t told Keegan yet.

Later, Keegan is surprised to see the expensive dress that Tiffany has bought and assures her it will be him be buying her dresses soon. She surprises him with a new social media page for his market stall.

After suggesting a live stream of how he prepares the food, the market is soon busy with a long line of young women.

Keegan and Tiff quickly realise what happened - they accidentally started the live stream early and after Keegan had to change his clothes following a spill, they all saw him naked!

As Keegan serves a long line of excited customers, Tiffany and Dotty watch on amused at his new popularity.

But as Tiffany leaves, she is approached by an irate man, Greg, who accuses her of overcharging him at Ruby’s. Dotty quickly jumps to her defence.

Later at the club, Ruby approaches Dotty and Tiffany to say that a furious customer has been in accusing them of overcharging.

When Dotty and Tiffany eye a group of blokes, Dotty tells Tiff to work her magic but before she does, Tiffany overhears two girls talking. They have found Keegan online and have some nasty things to say about Tiffany.

With her confidence shattered, Tiff falters and can’t bring herself to approach the group and instead sets her sights on a solo drinker at the bar.

Not realising that Greg has been watching her from the shadows, Tiffany returns home and is shocked to find him standing in the hallway demanding his money back!

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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