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Keegan struggles to cope in EastEnders as he argues with Karen

Will Tiffany manage to get through to him?

As Karen and Mitch reel from the truth about Gray, Keegan is left to do his best to support his family. But when Vinny boasts about Kheerat trying to help, Keegan feels guilty for not protecting Chantelle.

Keegan reminds Mitch and Karen that it’s Mack’s birthday the next day and suggests they celebrate.

Mitch thinks it’s time they tell Mack and Mia the truth about their dad, but as they start to explain, it all gets too much for Karen and she rushes out of the room. As Mitch struggles, Keegan steps in and the truth sets in for Mitch that he didn’t do enough to protect his daughter.

Lashing out at Karen, Mitch blames her for not noticing the signs with Gray. Deeply hurt, Karen kicks Mitch out.

With things tense at the Taylor’s, Mitch tries to find somewhere to stay and Bailey pleads with Keegan to intervene, unaware of how much he is struggling himself.

As Keegan airs his frustrations that Kheerat picked up on Chantelle’s abuse but he didn’t, Kat and Vinny rally around him. But their words are not enough for Keegan who later gets into a huge argument with Karen about everything that’s happened.

With her argument with Keegan playing on Karen's mind, Vinny interrupts with some worrying news.

Realising he could be in serious trouble for his recent actions, Keegan struggles to hold things together. He is left floored when Tiffany returns. Will Tiffany be able to get through to Keegan?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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