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Keegan tries to protect Tiffany in EastEnders after overhearing Liam's new plan

Whose side will she take?

Stressed, Liam helps Tiffany with a hen party booking and sees an opportunity to make money fast after finding car keys in one of the drunken girls' coats. Agreeing to be the group's naked butler.

Later, he tells Janine of his plans and she spots a way to make this idea more permanent, stealing cars from Tiffany’s party guests. However, Liam is torn and doesn’t want to betray his sister.

When Tiffany gets a call from the girl who lost her car keys, Liam pretends to be concerned.

Meanwhile, Dotty tries to convince Tiffany not to go on a date with Aaron because Keegan is better, but Tiffany just thinks she’s jealous. However, after seeing Keegan, who encourages her to keep going with the business, Tiffany cancels her date with Aaron.

In The Vic, Keegan tries to be cordial with Liam and tells his dad of his plan to get back with Tiffany. But at the bar, he overhears Liam talking about money and going into business with Tiffany.

Determined to protect Tiffany, Keegan tells her what he overheard.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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