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Keith Lemon & Anna Richardson to host new crafting series on Channel 4

The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft is a new six-part series in which skilful competitors turn crafting on its head to create Prop-like, mic-drop craft of epic proportions.

Each episode sees innovative creatives from across the UK use their artistic talent to wow us with spectacular makes.

Filmed in a surreal factory set which has been taken over by craft, each episode features four fabulous crafters who must use their unique creative skill set, to stick, sew, hammer and craft their creations in to life.

Over two fantastical rounds, comedian and master crafter Keith and co-host Anna Richardson will help the grafting crafters navigate through the tasks as they construct their spectacular creations.

In the first round the crafters will create a bespoke item in response to a fantastical brief from factory owner Keith. Quality control craft experts, Harriet Vine MBE and Zak Khchai, will deliberate and help Keith choose the three most impressive makes with the worst one being dramatically 'recycled'.

The remaining crafters will advance to round two, where a celebrity guest will commission them to make the most fantastical creation of their lives before deciding which of our crafters will be declared the winner of the show.

Before becoming a household name, Keith Lemon studied art and design at Leeds College of Art, re-creating props for many of his TV shows including an ET model out of masking tape and Kinder Surprise Egg packaging for The Keith Lemon Sketch Show. He also built life size models of the Star Wars characters R2D2 and C3PO. Founder of ‘KIL Clothes’, his official clothing line where all the clothes feature original designs by Keith who uploads his makes, graphic designs and doodles to social media.

Speaking about the new series, Keith said "I’ve always had love for making things, drawing and painting. I’m also a very good dancer. But that’s for a different show. I honestly can’t wait to get in that Fantastical World of Factory of curious craft to marvel at the mad skills of our crafters! In fact, I’m changing my middle name of Ian to ‘craft’! Keith Crafty Lemon! Word!"

Channel 4's Head of Features and Formats, Sarah Lazenby addedWhat do you get if you cross Keith Lemon, craft, the host of Naked Attraction and a factory full of glitter? The answer is a world of pure imagination, and we can’t wait for this joyous format to burst on to screens soon!”

The series will be made by Gordon Ramsay's production company Studio Ramsay.

The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft will air on Channel 4


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