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Kelly makes a SHOCK DISCOVERY in Corrie

Determined to find out who killed her dad, is time up for Gary?

With Kelly by his side, Aadi blurts out the news to Dev that they’re planning to get married in Gretna Green.

A shocked Dev rails at Aadi for wanting to chain himself to someone like Kelly and in a bid to win him around and prove how serious they are about one another, Kelly and Aadi decide to throw an engagement party.

When Gary advises Dev to accept Aadi and Kelly’s marriage or he could risk losing his son altogether, will Dev listen?

Kelly is overcome by Gary's kindness after he offers to chip in towards her wedding. And as she plans the engagement party of all parties with her inheritance, Kelly overhears Maria saying that once the party is out of the way, she’ll get bored with Aadi and ditch him. How will Kelly react?

When Sharon visits Kelly to celebrate her engagement, Gary is not happy and begs her not to ruin Kelly’s life by revealing he killed her Dad. But when Aadi lets slip about Kelly’s kidnap ordeal, and then Kelly asks Gary to give her away at the wedding, Sharon’s horrified.

Meanwhile, Kelly receives a holdall of her mum’s things which she left in Spain and as she scrolls through a digital camera she’s shocked to see the holiday dated as 17th June 2019, the date her Dad was murdered.

Returning home, Kelly shows Gary the photos, asserting she wants to know who really killed her dad. Is the game up for Gary?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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